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Dr. Michael Harbison DC  Director


Dr. Philip Dennis MD Medical Director


Laura Burton AGNP-C, CFMP

Laura is a Nurse Practitioner who is Certified in Functional Medicine and has a passion for health and wellness. With her many years of working in the ICU she has seen and been involved with the care of the most complicated cases. This is where she found her passion. She loves to be the detective who finds out the root cause of the problem(s) and to finally be able to give the patient the answers they have been searching for.


Office Manager
Sierra Seper


Office Manager
Nikki Winkelmann


Tracy Van Dyke RN
Registered Nurse


Michael Stevens LMT

Michael has been an LMT for almost 20 years. He is an avid weight lifter sports and fitness enthusiast. He has dedicated his career to soft tissue therapy and the different ways to treat a myriad of conditions. With all of his years of experience he has developed multiple protocols for very specific conditions that gets the patient great results fast!

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